Save Cash and Grow your Business with The Barter Depot

Barter Depot members leverage our network of 500+ Tri State businesses to increase sales, save cash, generate new cash business, turn downtime into profit and increase their buying power.

Barter Depot members exchange millions of dollars in goods and services with each other every year.

Our Company
The Barter Depot is the largest trade exchange in the Tri State Area, with over 25 years of successful trading in and around New Jersey. Our members trade millions of dollars in goods and services every year with each other. Members have also been able to save their cash on many of the purchases they frequently make to maintain their business, home and even entertainment needs.

Our purpose is to increase our clients’ sales, while helping them conserve their cash flow, facilitate trade among clients in an efficient, easy to use and cost effective way.

If you own a business or have a profession that is in demand, you could join the hundreds of members who are able to barter their good or service for whatever they need instead of paying cash for it. Whether you need small consumable items or find yourself starting a large project, The Barter Depot is here to help you.

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